Where to buy Sake near me

Sake is gaining popularity around the world and becoming as common as Beer. It is like beer in many ways and also similar to liquor (find a Liquor store). There are many people online looking up ‘where to buy sake’. In this article, we will share some important things that people should know before they buy sake.  

Contrary to the popular belief, sake is not “rice wine”. While it is true that sake is made from rice, it does not involve fermentation of rice and rather it is made through brewing that converts starch into alcohol. This is very similar to beer production.

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Brewing Sake Is Not Easy

It is not an easy or simple process to make sake. In this first step, which is called polishing process, all the oils and proteins are removed from rice and then whatever remains is left to dry. Later, it is slowly turned into alcohol in two steps. The second step takes at least 25 to 30 days, depending on the nature of sake being manufactured. The brewers keep working day and night to adjust the temperature and many other things. Finally, it is mashed and bottled to be sold.  

Communities Work Together to Produce Sake

Many sake producers around the world still depend on manpower to produce sake. They avoid use of technology and are of firm belief that the quality of sake is much better when people are involved instead of machines.

For this reason, in many rice producing countries, sake production is a communal practice in which people work together for months to produce the sake that is sold around the world. Some people have also raised concerns of exploitation of these workers as firms do not give them the share that they deserve.

Brew Masters Lead the Process

If you were to ask about one country that absolutely loves sake, then Japan would be your answer. Sake is like their national drink and they have brew masters called ‘Tojis’ who look after the production. It is the responsibility of the Toji to not only supervise the production and ensure good quality, but also to maintain peace and harmony between workers involved in the process.

The Toji is more like a father figure and the Japanese believe that the best sake is one that is produced with love and care. Toji is no less than a noble position that is often passed from generation to generation. It is something that Japanese people take pride in.


Now that you are aware of some of these interesting facts about sake, go ahead and google ‘where to buy sake’ to find your nearest sake shop. As mentioned above, good sake is one that is produced using manpower instead of machines. Moreover, the more polished the rice is, the better the taste of sake is going to be. Just keep those facts in mind when buying sake. Always try to do your research to make sure that the sake you consume was produced while taking care of safety measures, and enjoy!