Dave & Buster’s Near Me

Dave & Buster’s, or D&B, is an American restaurant chain plus entertainment provider. Its headquarters are located in Dallas. Every location for Dave & Buster’s has a full-service restaurant along with a video arcade. The usual atmosphere and ambiance of this restaurant is positive, high energy and a lot of active fun.

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According to the June 2018 count, there are 115 locations for Dave & Buster’s within the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada combined. The main arcade, however, is located in Hilliard, Ohio. There are several more locations planned for the near future, so one should be on the alert!

Having a blast at Dave & Buster’s arcade!!

History of Dave & Busters

The very first Dave & Buster’s was founded back in the year 1982 by James “Buster’ Corley and David Corriveau. The name is a combination of both co-founders’ names.

Corley was the former owner and operator of a bar named ‘Buster’s’ located in Little Rock, Arizona. This was next to a game parlor and saloon that Corriveau owned. The two decided to pool their interests and experience. As a result, they became co-CEOS of Dave & Buster’s.

Dave & Buster’s was majorly acquired by Edison Brothers Stores in 1989. This deal was made in order to expand the chain to more cities. In 1995, Andy Newman was appointed chairman, and Dave & Buster’s separated from the Edison Brothers group to go public.

Later on, Dave & Buster’s bought up nine locations that previously belonged to Jillian’s after the latter declared bankruptcy. By October in 2014, D&B had sold several million shares at a high price. They raised around $94 million and paid off their debts. Their shares are still on the market stock exchange.

Restaurant Offerings

The menu for Dave & Buster’s serves items from early lunchtime to late at night. The food spans a large variety, including burgers, seafood, desserts, pasta, chicken, etc. There are also several updates throughout the year to keep up with the trends and choices of customers.

Certain locations also serve brunch on Sundays. For private parties or special occasions, they also make buffets available. There’s usually a full bar provided at all times.

Games at Dave and Busters

The arcade section at Dave & Buster’s is called the “Million Dollar Midway”. This area is full of games, simulators, and other interactive activities. It accounts for a large amount of consumer spending that the restaurants run on. One of the biggest factors in this arcade’s profitability is the Power Card.

The Power Card was introduced in 1997, which acts as a debit card replacing the usual tokens or tickets. With this card, customers can operate most of the games in the arcade and reload them at power stations. Since this convenience makes playing games and extending the play much easier, it also encourages customers to spend more. The card replaces coin-operated systems for the most part, thereby heavily reducing technical and maintenance difficulties. As of 2015, Dave & Buster’s has even installed something called proximity readers for debit cards. With this addition, customers can tap on the readers to start playing.