Buffalo Wild Wings: Locations, Prices, Hours & More!

Chicken wings are a staple American snack, especially when it comes to watching sporting events like the Super Bowl. For eating on the go or anytime you feel like having wings, Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the most reliable spots for a feast.

Buffalo Wild Wings was originally named Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck. It’s a sports bar plus a highly popular place for casual dining. Originating in America, it now has branches in several states and countries, including Mexico, India, Canada, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. It’s also known as B-Dubs.

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How Buffalo Wild Wings Started

Buffalo Wild Wings was founded by Scott Lowery and Jim Disbrow. Lowery’s mother and father had become the guardians of Disbrow since they also acted as his coaches for ice skating. Disbrow was a judge for an amateur figure skating contest held at Kent State University in 1982. When he met up with Lowry later, they were both in the mood for some chicken wings, preferably buffalo-style.

Since they couldn’t find even a single restaurant serving what they wanted, the duo came up with the idea of having their own wings-oriented restaurant.

Their first location was near Ohio State University in Columbus. The wings were first served on weck – hence the original name. While the restaurant was a success, the pair soon had to bring in Mark Lutz to help with the finances and other aspects of running a restaurant, being unfamiliar with it all themselves.

Buffalo Wild Wings Locations

When you search ‘Buffalo Wild Wings near me’ on a search engine, you’ll get the closest location where all sorts of buffalo wings and their accompanying sauces/dips are available. On a recent count, this franchise has more than 1200 location worldwide. 625 of them are owned directly by the parent company while the rest are franchised outlets. You’d probably be able to find a Buffalo Wild Wings in every one of the 50 states.

Restaurant Offerings

The Buffalo Wild Wings chain serve chicken wings in the buffalo style along with a range of sauces. They also serve several other complementary items like chicken legs and chicken tenders. Appetizers, tacos, desserts, salads, and burgers are also available. To wash them all down, a number of beverages are also offered, including beer and wine. The servers have a uniform consisting of gray-colored jerseys and shorts. The jerseys are all emblazoned with “82”, as a tribute to the year when Buffalo Wild Wings was established.

One of the best-known aspects of Buffalo Wild Wings is their Blazin Wing Challenge. In this contest, they ask participants to consume a dozen extremely hot wings in a time period of six minutes. If the participating customer can accomplish this, he or she wins a T-shirt.

The layout of these restaurants is typically of the open kind, with patio seating and a dedicated area for the bar. There are also a number of TV and media screen surrounding the whole place. In the year 2016, the new restaurants for the chain started following a new layout type that mimics the feeling of being in a sports stadium.