Hooters Near Me

The infamous Hooters is known for its divine breaded chicken wings served crisp and, of course, the Hooters Girls. The concept of this chain of restaurants is mostly focused on ensuring a restaurant environment that has young, attractive women dressed in close-fitted white and orange uniforms, serving the predominant male clientele. Thus, it’s not only about the food; it’s these charming Hooters Girls that have become international icons and ambassadors of the brand.

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The Original Hooters: Let’s Roll Back a Few Decades

It was back in 1983 that 6 young men, who became weary of crashing into fern bars, decided to step into the restaurant industry with no prior experience. Their first restaurant was inaugurated on April Fool’s day during the same year in Clearwater, Florida. With the Hooters concept in mind, these men went out looking to hire the perfect waitresses to be known as Hooters Girls.

After the 1984 Super Bowl, the Washington Redskins feasted at Hooters, throwing it under the spotlight. Hooters made twice the profit than what it normally would on that particular night.

During 1984, Hooters changed hands from the original 6 to Hugh Connerty and was later bought by Robert H. Brooks and his investor friends from Atlanta. It was later escalated to the status of Hooters of America Inc., which has spread across 28 countries with over 430 franchises to date.

How Hooters Got Its Start

Hooters Menu

It’s not just the crispy chicken wings that Hooters is known for. Its tempting menu has everything you could ask for in a fast-food restaurant. Be it exotic appetizers, healthy salads, freshly served sandwiches and burgers, luscious seafood options or to-die-for desserts, Hooters of America has all that one can crave for after a tiresome day at work. The ambiance features serene music, a casual beach theme and flat screens, a perfect combo for spending a delightful evening away from the stressful life.

The chicken wings deserve praise of their own. You can order from up to 13 different flavors in chicken wings, from Chipotle to Habanero BBQ and much more. You can choose from its exceptional wings menu that offers boneless wings, smoked wings, and the original Hooters-style wings, served hot with a finger-licking good dressing on the side and phenomenal curly fries!

Hooters Restaurant Nearby Locations

If you are living in New York, you can easily enjoy a feast at the amazing Hooters. It’s about time you spare a few hours from your busy work life and enjoy a peaceful evening munching on those fresh and original Hooters-style wings. Locate a franchise near you and make a plan with your friends! Here are just a few franchises you could visit:

61-09 190th St, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365, USA
Phone: +1 718-454-2800

25 Smith St, Farmingdale, NY 11735, USA
Phone: +1 631-414-7792

155 W 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001, USA
Phone: +1 212-695-9580