Top 9 Home Bar Essentials

The Home Bar Must-haves

A home bar comes in very handy when you are entertaining people. You can serve up some great cocktails and drinks without having to go out to the bar. However, there are a few home bar essentials that you should have so you can serve up a variety of drinks. Here are some essential items for you to stock your bar.

Home Bar Essentials – Gent’s Lounge

Rock Glasses

They are best to serve drinks that need ice. Try to get the glasses that allow 6 to 8 ounce of liquid; it should be enough for one drink. In this size, even if the ice melts, the alcohol will be finished before it gets too diluted.

Coupe Glasses

The best ones are that it can hold about 6 to 8 ounces of liquid. These glasses are used for drinks that do not need any ice. Once you have strained the drink, notice that the drink should be below the rim. They will also ensure that there is no spillage.

Ice Makers

A lot of people prefer cold drinks. If you have a home bar, then you should have ice as well. Get a few suitable ice trays for ice. If you plan on serving cocktails, then go for the ball mold trays. Round ice melts slowly and allows you to get the best of the drink for a longer time.  

Bar Spoon

If you are making a complicated drink, then chances are you will need to be specific with some ingredients. In such cases, you will need a bar spoon to measure the syrups and other components. It will also allow you to stir the drinks properly.

Mixing Glass

You should go for a mixing glass that is at last half a liter. Make sure that you get a glass that is thick enough; it should not break when you bang the bar spoon inside. Go for the one that comes with a pour spout to avoid spilling the drinks everywhere.


The best type would be the Boston type shaker; it looks like a metal pint glass and has two parts. It is best for shaking drinks. The other option is the cobbler type, which comes with a cap and a built-in filter, but the Boston type is better.


There are two types of bar strainers, and both of them can come in handy. They are cheap, so you can easily stock them in your home bar.

  • Hawthorne strainer – it is the best one to use when you want to separate the remaining ingredients and extra ice from the drink. It will fit the rim of the mixing glass just like a lid, so it catches all the parts you don’t need.
  • Fine mesh strainer – it is useful when you need to clean the drink from extra stuff that a regular strainer missed out. You will pour the drink through the fine mesh; even though it will not be used regularly, it will come in handy once in a while.

Juice Press

There will be times when you need to mix lemons and limes in your drink. The best option is to get a juice press so that you can extract the juice easily and quickly without the fear of the seeds or pulp falling out.

Staple Spirits and Mixers

You don’t need anything expensive, make sure that you gave the staple base spirits and mixers such as syrups and soda water as you will be using them to make different drinks.