The North Remembers – And So Will You! Game of Thrones Bar in DC

The heart-stopping, gut-wrenching, jaw-dropping, and breath-taking show that encapsulated hundreds of millions of fans across the globe has come and gone. Game of Thrones is hailed as the greatest show to have existed, racking up right next to Friends, an honor most can only dream of. While the world continues to revisit the Seven Kingdoms and their favorite characters on screen, one die-hard fan decided to up the scale and took the fandom to a whole new level. Enters the exclusive Game of Thrones bar DC, a pop-up bar in the heart of Washington.

This is not just another bar named after the notoriously famous HBO series in the hopes of attracting an audience. The bar looks nothing like an ordinary bar. Everything that you see, feel and touch has something to do with the show.

Things to See and Experience

The bar has been hailed for its creativity and attention to detail that is evident all the way from the floor to the mugs. As a fan of the show, there is so much on offer for everyone to indulge in. The bar isn’t just limited to looks either as the drinks are equally promising. Reasonably priced, you are sure to have a time that you will remember for ages to come.

To make the most of the experience, be sure to check these out at the Game of Thrones bar in Washington DC:

The Hall of Faces

Remember Arya Stark and the Faceless Men? They trained to become no ones. The Faceless Men used human faces shelfed on walls after walls in the Hall of Faces. The bar has an exclusive wall dedicated to the fans of Arya Stark. It is the perfect tribute to a character that many grew to love and admire for her courage and dedication.

The Weirwood Tree in Godswood

The Godswood is one of the most iconic locations that gave the world a memory to relive over and over again. Drink your favorite blends underneath the Weirwood tree and relive the moment where the Night King breathed his last in a futile attempt to eliminate Brandon Stark. It is the perfect place to take a few memorable pictures as well for the camera enthusiasts.

The Iron Throne

Fans have always wondered how it felt to sit on the Iron Throne. Now, everyone has the chance to experience how it feels to rule over the Seven Kingdoms. This is yet another perfect spot for a picture or two.

There is just so much more on offer for visitors. There is little to wonder why the place is quite the hot spot for visitors and media personnel alike. The Game of Thrones bar DC has taken almost no time to become a popular tourist attraction. Be sure to time your visit right to avoid a crowd if you are someone who is not comfortable in a crowded situation.

The experience is well worth the money and the travel; you have to see it to believe it!