The Science Behind Beer Tasting Glasses

Stepping into the world of alcohol, we immediately conjure up an image of a wine glass that holds a small quantity of wine. It is rotated and tilted to mix the ingredients well and sipped to check the taste before deciding if it is right for the occasion. It does look elegant but equally fair for the customer as they get a taste of what they can expect. What about people who prefer beer instead?

Fortunately, you can easily do the same for beers as well. You do not need to go for a large glass or a full pint of glass to figure out the taste. Ask your bartender for beer tasting glasses and pick out the ones you wish to taste.

Why These Glasses?

These glasses are much smaller in size and allow for the perfect sip or two to be poured in and tasted. For customers, it serves just about the ideal serving from each brewery of their choice and makes it easier for them to discover the variety of tastes on offer.

For business owners, this saves them quite a chunk of money. Instead of pouring in a full pint, the owners can limit the amount of beer to smaller volumes. Furthermore, through these samples, the bar can promote a wide variety of flavors and brews it has on offer.

Now, this does sound good, but it begs the question, which beer tasting glasses are ideal for the job? You need to ensure that the glasses are neither too big nor too small.

Rastal Teku Tasting Glass

This is a multi-purpose range of glasses that offers delicate design and just the perfect volume of 6.5 oz of the finest brews. The glass is multi-purpose as it can be used for wine and beer tasting and to taste a variety of other drinks such as ciders and spirits.

It does not cost a lot and would add finesse to the serving tray through its elegant design.

Craft Beer Tasting Flight Rack Set

For a more expensive price, you get not one but four 4 oz beer tasting glasses, elegantly lined up in a wooden rack. This is a definitive collection that not only looks good but serves good as well. The wood rack further adds charm and allows smaller quantity of samples for customers to try out.

Beer Tasting Serving Rack Set

For half the value of the Craft Beer Tasting Flight Rack, you can find a decent beer tasting serving set with both a wood paddle and four glasses. Each glass can hold 5 oz samples for customers to try and explore the finest brews.

Regardless of which one you decide to choose, beer tasting glasses will surely help you save costs and money. As customers, it would certainly help you to taste various brews easily in separate glasses. Not only are they worth the attention, but they are also worth every penny invested.